FrameStar® 96 Well Skirted PCR Plate

Low profile, 0.1ml polypropylene wells, polycarbonate frame, cut corner H1; working volume: <100µl, total well capacity: 200µl

  • Available barcoded on request

The low profile wells of this plate are shorter than "standard" profile wells, which decrease the "dead space" between the heated lid of the thermal cycler and the sample in the well. This eliminates condensation forming on the side wall of the tubes, preventing reduction in PCR volume and increasing the efficiency of the reaction.

This is especially recommended for reaction volumes below 20µl. The rigid polycarbonate skirt of this design eliminates warping and distortion during PCR, and makes it ideal for use with robotic systems.

Key Features
  • Quality
    • Free from DNase, RNase, human genomic DNA, and endotoxin/pyrogen
    • Stackable
  • Wells
    • Ultra-smooth, uniform, thin-walled polypropylene tubes for optimum PCR and real-time (RT-qPCR) results
    • <0.1ml (100µl) working volume, 0.2ml (200µl) total well capacity
  • Frame
    • Rigid polycarbonate frame for added mechanical stability
    • Significantly reduced thermal expansion and sample evaporation for improved consistency in PCR results
    • Improved seal integrity due to thermal stability of frame
    • Alphanumeric grid reference to aid well and sample identification
  • Use
    • Recommended for low volume PCR
    • Ideal for use with robotic systems
    • Compatible with standard multichannel pipettes
  • Options
    • Available with the following frame color options for the clear well variety: purple, blue, clear, green, red, black, and white
    • Also available with a black frame and with a clear frame for the white well variety, for optimum signal-to-noise ratio when using fluorescent based assays
    • Also available as a black frame with black wells for non-PCR fluorescent applications
    • Extra rigid skirt option (4ti-0960/RIG) for use with Perkin-Elmer®Sciclone, Beckman, Hamilton, and other automation systems: eliminates the robotic grip picking up more than one plate at a time
    • Ethylene oxide treated option available (4ti-OX960C/SBC) for forensic use; learn more about our ethylene oxide treated range 
    • Ultra-low DNA binding option available (4ti-LB0960/RIG) for sensitive applications with ultra-low DNA input and for maximum DNA recovery after low temperature storage and high temperature incubation; learn more about our low binding range
    • Available barcoded upon request; learn more about our barcoding options
    • Combi packs available (for 4ti-0960) with Optically Clear Windowed qPCR Seal (4ti-0565)
    • Clear Polystyrene Lid (4ti-0287) available for 4ti-0960/RIG
Parameter FrameStar 96 Well Skirted PCR Plate
Plate length 127.76 ± 0.25mm
Plate width 85.48 ± 0.25mm
Plate height 16.10 ± 0.25mm
Well depth 15.10 ± 0.10mm
Well diameter 5.50 ± 0.10mm
Total well capacity 0.2ml (200µl)
Working volume <0.1ml (100µl)
Distance to center of A1 from top edge 11.24 ± 0.25mm
Distance to center of A1 from left edge 14.38 ± 0.25mm
Pitch (distance between A1 and A2) 9.00mm
    • Thermal Cyclers (96 well block): Robocycler Gradient
    • qPCR Cyclers (96 well block): AriaMx
    • Thermal Cyclers (96 well block): Flexcycler2 | T1 Thermocycler | Tgradient | Tone | Tadvanced | TProfessional (Standard/Basic) Gradient/XL | Trobot 96 | SpeedCycler2 (SP, SPR)
    • Thermal Cyclers (96 well block): C1000 Touch | S1000
    • qPCR Cyclers (96 well block): CFX96 Touch | CFX 96 Touch Deep Well | CFX connect
    • Thermal Cyclers (96 well block): PCT100™/200™/220™/221™/225™/240™
    • qPCR Cyclers (96 well block): Chromo4™ | Opticon2™
    • Thermal Cyclers (96 well block): MasterCycler® ep/ep gradient/Pro/Pro S/nexus/nexus gradient/nexus SX1/nexus GSX1
    • qPCR Cyclers (96 well block): MasterCycler™ ep realplex
    • Sequencers (96 well block): MegaBACE™ 500 | MegaBACE™ 1000 mark 2
    • Thermal Cyclers (96 well block): peqSTAR 96X
    • Thermal Cyclers (96 well block): Labcycler
    • Thermal Cyclers (96 well block): TC412 | TC512 | Genius | Genius Quad | Touchgene | Touchgene Gradient | Flexigene
    • qPCR Cyclers (96 well block): Quantica

For recommended plate options depending on manufacturer, block type, and instrument please refer to the Azenta Life Sciences Plate Instrument Compatibility Table.

Ordering Information

Use these part numbers to request a quote, a sample or to contact an expert:

Part number Description
FrameStar 96 Well Skirted PCR Plate
Low profile, 0.1ml polypropylene wells, polycarbonate frame, cut corner H1; working volume: <100µl, total well capacity: 200µl
4ti-0960 clear wells, purple frame; 50 plates
4ti-0960/B clear wells, blue frame; 50 plates
clear wells, clear frame; 50 plates
4ti-0960/G clear wells, green frame; 50 plates
4ti-0960/R clear wells, red frame; 50 plates
4ti-0960/X clear wells, black frame; 50 plates
4ti-0960/W clear wells, white frame; 50 plates
4ti-0961 white wells, black frame; 50 plates
4ti-0961/C white wells, clear frame; 50 plates
4ti-0966 black wells, black frame; 50 plates
4ti-OX960C/SBC 4ti-0960/C for forensic use, ethylene oxide treated and single barcoded; 20 plates
4ti-0960/RIG 4ti-0960/X with extra rigid skirt; 50 plates
4ti-LB0960/RIG 4ti-0960/RIG, with low DNA binding properties; 50 plates
Combi packs
4ti-0960/0565 4ti-0960 + Optically Clear Windowed qPCR Seal (4ti-0565); 50 plates + 50 seals
4ti-0287 FrameStar 96 NGS Lid (4ti-0287), for use with 4ti-0960/RIG; 50 lids