SampleStore™ Ambient to -20°C Automated Sample Storage System

The Azenta Life Sciences SampleStore is scalable for sample storage capacity and throughput. Our Sample Management experts will design the store to meet the requirements of your workflow also considering the growth of the sample collection and future processing needs.

  • Can accommodate over 22 million tubes
  • Fits the widest range of labware in a single store
  • Dynamic storage shelving
  • Pick rates of over 100,000 tubes in 24 hours

Formerly a part of Brooks Automation, for over 20 years, we have been the global leader in high density automated sample storage. Preferred storage partner of choice, supporting 9 out of 10 top biopharma companies.

A range of flexible storage temperatures from room temperature to -20ºC. Fully configurable modules allow a wide range of applications: capacity, throughput and labware. Adaptable storage automation from single labware type to multiple formats: tubes, vials, or plates. Versatile picking capability including standard SBS 96-way tubes, Acoustic tubes, vials SBS format micro plates, and microtubes.

Key Features
  • Properties
    • System sizing: a wide range of capacity options are available from 200,000 to over 22 million tubes dependent on labware
    • Standard modules: standard modules include input/output, imaging, picking, etc. selected at point of order and/or upgraded later
    • Labware flexibility and adaptability: handles the widest range of labware available in a single store, including SBS-format plates, tubes, cryovials
    • Picking modules: allow the SampleStore™ System to be configured to handle your sample labware and meet your throughput requirements
    • Sample security: provides secure user access login and maintains consistent storage temperatures
    • High-density storage: reformatting labware to proprietary HD storage racks can more than double storage capacity compared to SBS format storage
    • Multi-pitch shelving: dynamic storage shelving maximizes storage density; a sample imaging module captures barcodes, labware type and heights to assure an optimal storage location
    • High throughput: dual-shuttle automation can double standard throughput rates, supporting pick rates of over 100,000 tubes in 24 hours
    • Easy to use: no special expertise required to operate the system
    • Acoustic tube capability: The SampleStore™ system picks Acoustic Sample Tube - Echo® Qualified Consumable
    • Automation Interface option: provides a means of directly interfacing the store with an external automation system
  • Intuitive, Easy to Use, Fully Featured Strata™ Sample Management Software

    Easy to use interface

    • Intuitive, information-rich display permits operation with no special training
    • Customizable to optimize everyday usage, and support application-specific workflows

    High performance and reliability

    • Provides full order control including drag-and-drop order prioritization
    • Optimizes throughput through more efficient batch workflows and order decomposition

    Seamless IT integration

    • Flexible deployment options include active directory integration and encrypted system access passwords
    • LIMS options include Web services API, database, and file-based integration
    • Accessibility is highly configurable with definable user roles

    Sample security and remote access

    • Lifetime inventory and environmental tracking enabling sample chain of custody and audit trail reports
    • Data is accessible from any location using laptop, tablet, or web-enabled devices

    System data logging and automation interface

    • Performance tracking assures reliability and enables remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • Enables easy integration with external automation for fully integrated end-to-end processing solutions

    Learn more about Strata™ Sample Management Software

  • Configurable as a Shared Resource
    • Separate sample collections can be grouped to create new options for centralized storage models
    • Defined user access privileges add security and control to collection management, plus allow sample collaboration
Model Length Width Height Capacity,
0.2ml tube
S3-C18-H10 3.2m
[10ft 6"]
[8ft 6"]
[9ft 3"]
S3-C60-H15 7.0m
[23ft 0"]
[8ft 6"]
[12ft 7"]
S3-C130-H15 18.9m
[62ft 1"]
[8ft 6"]
[12ft 7"]
S3-C170-H20 17.0m
[55ft 9"]
[8ft 6"]

*Dimensions are for the cold chamber only, space is required for doors, control panels, access etc. Dimensions assume 1 POD column (3 module bays)

Please contact us to discuss your specific storage labware and capacity requirements

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