FreezerPro® Sample Management System

The FreezerPro system is a scalable web-based sample inventory management system ideal for users managing hundreds of collections in all types of organizations ranging from lower throughput labs to central biorepositories with millions of records; delivers secure management of samples and sample information

  • Complete sample management
  • Track samples in and out of freezers
  • Reporting and data export/import (multiple formats)
  • Live and smart search
  • Full audit trails

FreezerPro is a class-leading frozen sample management solution that is indispensable to any modern scientific or pharmaceutical laboratory. FreezerPro is an intuitive, fast, reliable and secure way to know precisely where a frozen sample is located even before opening the freezer door. Around the world, more than 1,000 companies depend on FreezerPro for their daily sample management operations.

And now FreezerPro is available on the Cloud. FreezerPro Cloud requires no IT deployment — just click the URL, login, and start managing your samples.

Deployed in hours, not weeks: FreezerPro automates more daily sample management operations than more expensive and difficult to deploy software solutions.

Makes daily lab operations easier: FreezerPro Cloud records information for sample check in and out, aliquoting and inheritance, plus storage location data with only a few clicks or a drag of the mouse.

Enhances accuracy and availability of lab information: advanced data mining, automatic data validity checks, hundreds of alert settings and imbedded integration with Microsoft Excel are just a few of the tools users and admins have to ensure that data is input properly and is immediately accessible for analysis and reporting.

Key Features
  • Cloud Built for Lab Data Security, Regulation Compliance & Constant Availability

    The FreezerPro Cloud uses state-of-the-art, cross-region servers and storage technologies managed directly by Azenta Life Sciences and able to be accessed by customers via a web browser from anywhere in the world, at any time


    FreezerPro Free Trial

    14 Day Free Trial

    Start evaluating FreezerPro today! Fill the form and we'll have your dedicated instance ready in 24 hours.

    FreezerPro Customer Support

    Gold Customer Support

    Each FreezerPro Cloud plan includes our best Gold Support with online, email and phone technical support.

    FreezerPro Language

    No Language Barriers

    FreezerPro speaks your language and supports variety of custom date/time formats.


    FreezerPro Engineered with Care

    Engineered with Care

    With FreezerPro Cloud, you do not have to purchase hardware, install software, or manage your system infrastructure.

    FreezerPro Adaptive Environment

    Adaptive Environment

    FreezerPro Cloud dynamically adapts infrastructure to meet you business requirements, so you always have an optimal performance.

    FreezerPro Public Cloud

    Public Cloud

    With Public Cloud, customers can access their FreezerPro environment directly via the Internet from anywhere in the world.


    FreezerPro Private Cloud

    Private Cloud

    With Private Cloud, customers can access their FreezerPro as an extension of their internal network via secure connections such as IPSec or MPLS.

    FreezerPro Security

    Security and Scalability

    FreezerPro Cloud run each instance applications inside a container, making it easier to scale and make changes on the fly.

  • Grows with Your Lab

    Whether your lab needs a quick solution to replace error-prone manual data capture practices or your international collaboration needs a repository to capture and securely share findings in real-time, FreezerPro Cloud is the solution.

    FreezerPro Cloud is available with all options, or as an economical “Standard” edition. Increased functionality offers better sample management practices for your lab. Choose to upgrade editions at any time to leverage more functionality.

    FreezerPro Cloud also features scaling infrastructure - as your lab’s data volume increases, FreezerPro Cloud will dynamically adapt available computational resources to meet the new load, ensuring constantly optimal performance without interruptions.

  • Security & HIPAA Compliance

    Data security in the cloud is a serious concern. FreezerPro Cloud encrypts data in transit and at rest so that your data is always safe and secure.


    FreezerPro Security Features

    Security features on all editions include:

    1028 Bit Encryption
    Secure Socket Layer
    Operating System Level Vulnerability Monitoring

    FreezerPro Security Features 2

    Available security features include:

    Advanced Persistent Threat Testing
    Security Log Monitoring

    FreezerPro HIPAA

    "Strict operations" mode and HIPPA:

    Compliance is supported in all FreezerPro editions
    Comprehensive Validation Manual for FreezerPro Cloud is also available


    FreezerPro Supports

    FreezerPro Cloud also supports:

    FDA 21 CFR Parts 11, 21, 58, 210, 211, 820, cGLP/cGMP
    Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines, HIPAA

  • Improve Your Existing Excel-Based Solution

    Before using FreezerPro, many laboratories utilized Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to manage sample inventory. Today, many of them still do! This is because FreezerPro Cloud offers a free, downloadable Microsoft Excel Add-In tool. Whether it is used for an easy, one-time data migration or on a daily basis to import/export data, this Add-In makes adopting FreezerPro Cloud even easier.

    Azenta Life Sciences also offers a complimentary, extensively utilized Developer API with FreezerPro Cloud "Enterprise" edition. Transition your existing solutions with ease, rather than replacing them all at once.

FreezerPro Editions

Click on Watch video to watch video about a specific feature!

Feature Standard Enterprise Elite
Complete sample management Watch video
SSL data encryption
Track samples in and out of freezers Watch video
Icon-based display of box contents Watch video
Sample inventory alerts
Easy to follow workflows
Virtual freezers
Reporting and data import/export Watch video
Live search by word/part of keyword Watch video
Smart search Watch video
Live query builder and smart folders
Full audit trails Watch video
Mobile devices support
Microsoft Excel add-in Watch video
Multi-language support Watch video
Comprehensive barcode label and RFID tag designer
Barcode printing for vials, boxes, freezers Watch video
2D code plate scanner support
Biotillion BoxMapper support
Support for sample sources, groups and pick lists Watch video
Report templates (visual report builder) Watch video
Support for freezer sensors  
Permission-based access restriction to sample info Watch video  
Templates for one-click Aliquoting™ enterprise Watch video  
GLP mode for strict operations  
Support for custom vial identifiers  
Supports HIPAA compliance  
User authentication via active directory domain services (LDAP)  
Application programming interface (API)  
Advanced workflow management*    
Critical level monitoring - define custom alerts*    
Communication, shipping and testing modules* Watch video    

All editions include a choice of datacenter (East Coast, West Coast, Canada, Europe, Asia).

*Modules may also be purchased à la carte.

Plan Pricing

Use these options to request a free trial:

FreezerPro Standard Plan




  • 99.99% uptime
  • SSL data encryption
  • all software updates
  • all software licensing
  • daily backups
  • gold customer support










FreezerPro Enterprise Plan




  • 99.99% uptime
  • SSL data encryption
  • all software updates
  • all software licensing
  • daily backups
  • gold customer support
  • private Cloud option
  • test/validation option
  • supports HIPAA compliance
  • available on-site deployment






FreezerPro Elite Plan


Ask us


  • 99.99% uptime
  • SSL data encryption
  • all software updates
  • all software licensing
  • daily backups
  • gold customer support
  • private Cloud option
  • test/validation option
  • supports HIPAA compliance
  • available on-site deployment
  • advanced alert module*
  • shipping module*
  • workflow module*
  • clinical test module*
  • communications module*


All editions include a choice of datacenter (East Coast, West Coast, Canada, Europe, Asia).

*Modules also available à la carte.

FreezerPro Cloud utilizes the Concurrent Access model. Customers are allowed an unlimited number of logins and are only limited by the number of those simultaneously logged in.

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