BioStore™ -190°C LN2-Based Automated Storage System for Cryo Cassettes

BioStore -190°C LN2-Based Automated Storage System for Cryo Cassettes is the only fully automated liquid nitrogen based system, capable of handling a wide range of cryo cassettes including 250ml sizes; the new standard in secure, documented cryo cassette storage.

  • Smooth, automated cassette handling
  • Insulating tower for temperature stability
  • Fully integrated inventory management
  • Reports to support 21-CRF-11 compliance
  • 17-21 days of emergency hold time
  • Capacity of 990 cryo cassettes

The latest version of BioStore -190°C LN2-Based Automated Storage System brings simple, automated management for 250ml cryo cassettes to the market for the first time, enabling users to avoid the risk of errors and variability inherent in manual inventory handling. The addition of automated tracking and handling for 250mL cryo cassettes marks a significant enhancement to the BioStore product line.

As cellular therapy products move from discovery through clinical trial and commercialization phases, many customers are standardizing 250ml cryobags for storage and delivery of high-value product. Azenta Life Sciences is committed to expanding the product line to bring all the advantages of automated inventory management to clinical and commercial customers. This product supports the detailed regulatory and workflow process required to address the precision medicine market.

Key Features
  • Sample Integrity, Security & Tracking
    • Consistent -190°C temperatures achieved for from top to bottom using LN2 vapor
    • A sample integrity calculator protects samples from excessive warming by predicting their temperatures based on experimental evidence
    • Integrity is further enhanced by protecting innocent samples during storage and retrieval transient exposures
    • Racks are quickly pulled into an insulated sleeve, significantly slowing transient warming
    • 20-day safety hold time below -135°C (Tg) with full manual access if power or LN2 are disrupted
    • Comprehensive inventory management with vial-level ID, audit trail, reports, and LIMS connectivity
  • Software
    • BioStore controller software and touchscreen enable efficient order management and execution
    • Its easy-to-use graphical interface permits tube-level inventory management plus sample storage, retrieval, and auditing
    • The software monitors storage environment data and has comprehensive error handling
    • LIMS connectivity is available for real-time sample management
    • Full 21-CFR-11 reporting capability is available
    • Administrator-defined libraries and access control can optimize the system as a shared resource
  US/Imperial Metric
System Dimensions
Height 125.00’’ 3,175mm
Width 60.00” 1,524mm
Depth 79.00’’ 2,007mm
Storage Capacity (990) 250ml Cryo Cassettes
Weight (empty) 2,433lbs 1,105kg
Weight (full) 3,548lbs 1,612kg
Maximum Floor Load 108lbs/ft2 528kg/m2
Maximum Point Load (4-points) 887lbs 403kg
Voltage 110V, Single Phase 220V, Single Phase
Amps 2A 1A
Power Output (Idle) 100 Watts
Power Output (MAX) 220 Watts
Plug Type NEMA 5-15 CEE 7/4
Connection Type / Size 1/2” NPT Female Fitting to existing Vacuum Jacket line
Supply Pressure (open valve) 22-35 psig 1.52-2.41bar
Capacity (Vapor Phase) 295L
Static Evaporation Rate (nominal) 13.6L/day (11.00kg/day)
Static Holding Time Vapor 21 days
Operating Environment
Temperature 65°F-80°F 18°C-27°C
Humidity Max 50% rH (non-condensing)
Operating Temperature -310°F or lower -190°C or lower
Warranty 1-Year; includes onsite service, travel, and spare parts.
Preventative maintenance and wear parts not included.
Other Installation and operator training included
Regulatory Compliance China RoHS, Conflict Materials, EU REACH, EU RoHS, CE Mark Directives
[MachineryDirective, EMC Directive, and RoHS Directive]
Support Plans
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