Why Integrate

Sample traceability, process control and monitoring through integration with Chronicle™ automation software from Cytiva

Combining BioStore™ III Cryo and Chronicle™ Automation Software from Cytiva provides users with long term cryogenic storage for biologic samples and product at -190°C whilst truly leveraging the automation of process development and manufacturing for cellular products.

In the words of Linda De Jesus, Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Azenta Life Sciences, "By integrating a freezer platform like the BioStore III with Cytiva’s Chronicle software, we are helping customers add the documented rigor around cold chain, inventory and handling which previously did not exist. This integrated solution will allow customers to expand the role of automation in their workflows and documentation to help bring products to the market faster."


BioStore and Chronicle



BioStore & Chronicle
BioStore III Cryo




BioStore™ III Cryo from Azenta Life Sciences

BioStore™ III Cryo provides best in class automated -190°C storage for cellular products and other materials requiring storage temperatures below glass transition (Tg). Quality is assured by viewing user access, sample inventory, history, and audit-trail reports.

There are two main areas where BioStore™ III Cryo benefits cellular product customers: process control and product integrity.


symbol   Optimized cold chain handling and documentation; execute consistent, repeatable inventory cold chain SOPs while limiting untracked transient warming exposures for stored materials, regardless of user training and experience

symbol   Proprietary control software, records all system user logins, consistently executing and documenting every inventory interaction. Inventory records are updated in real-time, featuring 19 available reports, and supports 21-CFR-11 compliance

symbol   Scalability is easy, added systems will apply the same collection management standards across sites, ensuring consistent ordering processes

symbol   Maintains stable freezer temperatures during material storage and retrieval activities to protect sample integrity

symbol   75% faster order processing times v manual methods, with better accuracy and quality

symbol   Rack lifting system, slows warming of non-targeted samples in the insulating tower by 70% compared with ambient exposure

symbol   Best in class risk mitigation for high-value materials requiring storage temperatures below glass transition (Tg); with temperature hold time of up to 23 days in the event of a natural disaster or other emergencies


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Chronicle Software




Chronicle™ Automation Software from Cytiva

Chronicle™ is a fit-for-purpose solution designed to optimize complex cell therapy process development and manufacturing. It provides real time supply chain tracking, hardware performance monitoring, SMS or email alarms, and comprehensive electronic batch records. Built by platform solution engineers, Chronicle™ integrates with a variety of third-party instruments and has been independently audited against GAMP5, 21-CFR-11, and EU Annex 11.


symbol   Electronic batch records: implement electronic batch records that comply with regulatory requirements

symbol   Release by exception: review deviations efficiently with automated workflows to support release by exception

symbol   eSOP operator support: save operator time and reduce mistakes with electronic SOPs that adapt to changing conditions, perform calculations, and integrate instrument data

symbol   Instrument monitoring: monitor all connected instruments from inside or outside the cleanroom with real-time lab dashboards, email and SMS alerts

symbol   Barcode traceability: trace your products and consumables with stock control, barcode label printing, and scanning

symbol   Maintenance control: manage service records for all your instruments with full history, document management, and automated preventive maintenance notifications

symbol   Manage capacity: synchronize multiple VIA Freeze™ controls to start at the same time for larger volumes

symbol   Seamless connectivity: application programming interface (API) enhances interoperability with GE Healthcare Life Sciences and 3rd party devices


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Azenta Life Sciences & Cytiva
Brooks Life Sciences



About Azenta Life Sciences

Azenta Life Sciences, formerly a division of Brooks Automation (Nasdaq: BRKS) is a leading provider of life science sample-based solutions. As a service provider to labs around the world, Azenta Life Sciences offers a full suite of reliable cold-chain sample management solutions and genomic services across areas such as drug development, clinical research and advanced cell therapies for the industry's top pharmaceutical, biotech, academic and healthcare institutions globally

Azenta Life Sciences' GENEWIZ division is a leading provider of DNA gene sequencing and gene synthesis services.

The organization is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, with operations in North America, Europe and Asia.




About Cytiva

Cytiva is a global life sciences leader with more than 7,000 associates across 40 countries dedicated to advancing and accelerating therapeutics.

As a trusted partner to customers that range in scale and scope, Cytiva brings speed, efficiency and capacity to research and manufacturing workflows, enabling the development, manufacture and delivery of transformative medicines to patients.


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