Azenta Life Sciences UK Manufacturing Hub Increases Production Capacity and Sustainability

Our manufacturing site for PCR/microplate products in Wotton, Surrey UK has recently implemented a range of improvements that have increased production capacity whilst supporting a commitment to sustainability.

Azenta Life Sciences UK Manufacturing Hub Increases Production Capacity and Sustainability

Through our PCR/microplate range we support a vast range of customers applications spanning from research to molecular diagnostics. Azenta Life Sciences continue to develop high quality innovative consumables and instruments with a focus on PCR plastics, assay microplates, and sealing solutions. 
These products are manufactured at our PCR/microplate site in Wotton, Surrey UK which complies with ISO 9001:2015 & ISO13485:2016. This ensures we can ship globally direct to customers, distributors and to our satellite stocking locations without interruption to supply.

Production Improvements

Due to the rapid growth of our business, increasing customer demand and future-proofing our facilities we have made a number of key improvements to our UK based production site including:

  • 150% increased capacity to our clean rooms, ensuring we can meet customer demand for sterile product
  • Production capacity increases leading to higher flexibility, higher production numbers, reduced lead times and higher accuracy through a range of new systems including a new injection molding machine


Sustainability Improvements

Whilst future proofing our production facilities is critical to meet customer demand and increasing efficiency, it is essential to do this responsibly through sustainable processes. To that end we are also driving a number of sustainability improvements, with even more in the pipeline. Those that have recently been implemented include:

  • Adapting our processes so all packaging inner bags– meaning more than 850,000 of our packaging bags are now fully recyclable.
  • Recycling all non-mixed plastic from our production (i.e. everything that isn’t molded with 2 polymers together) in the last year we recycled 46,835kgs.
  • We recycle all cardboard on site from packaging and office material, along with site wide recycling programs.
  • A wide variety of water and energy saving measures – important as our team grows to decrease the environmental impact on site.

With a continuous improvement mindset, we are proud to grow our business in an environmentally responsible way whilst ensuring the supply of critical products from our UK based PCR/microplate manufacturing facility.

If you have any questions regarding our manufacturing facilities or would like further details, please do not hesitate to contact your local Azenta Life Sciences Representative today!