Sample or Product Lifecycle Management Platform

Cloud-based and more than just a LIMS. The Azenta sample or product lifecycle management platform is a cloud-based platform designed to provide a comprehensive solution to enterprise-level applications.


Unlike a traditional LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), the Azenta lifecycle management platform is focused on sample or product lifecycle management providing functionality to track samples or products from capture to disposal. With powerful built-in features configured to meet your unique needs, the lifecycle management platform is also highly configurable allowing it to adapt to any new challenges in line with your company requirements.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Adds layered-on functionality to meet your unique needs.

  • Cloud Based

    Cloud services eliminate the need to purchase, maintain, and support expensive server infrastructure.

  • Configurability

    Model any scientific process and collect any type of data with an ultra-flexible and secure workflow builder.

  • Functionality

    Built-in workflows are designed to handle large volumes of samples.

  • Applicable across Drug Development Pipeline

    Our sample and product lifecycle management platform can be deployed in research and development, clinical and diagnostics, and manufacturing configurations.

Key Features
  • Highly scalable, cloud-based sample data management platform
  • Comprehensive framework
  • Flexible enterprise applications
  • All of the capabilities of a powerful Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)​
  • Remote uploads of sample identification information
  • Handles a wide variety of samples - “Any sample. Anytime. Anywhere”
  • Fast batch processing
  • Easy integration​
Supporting All Drug Development Phases
  • Research & Discovery
    • Full inventory lifecycle management software solution can track inventory through its whole lifecycle providing a real time view of your global inventory from anywhere in the world.
  • Clinical Trials & Diagnostics
    • Clinical Trials, designed to manage full clinical trials our clinical trial module provides sample planning solutions, active trial management and a virtual biobank solution
    • Diagnostics, with a powerful workflow designer offers full integration across your diagnostic workflows integrating with a wide range of instruments and robots ensure high levels of data quality
  • Manufacturing
    • Batch and inventory management made easy. Our product lifecycle management software provides full visibility and tracking of critical reagents, lots, batches, and inventory at a GMP-compliant level.