COVID Sample Lifecycle Management Platform

The Azenta sample lifecycle management platform for COVID offers a fast, accurate, and simple software solution for managing COVID-19 test samples. Built for labs, testing sites, and biorepositories of all sizes, the platform allows you to ramp up automated workflows and support sample processing. We make fast, faster.


The Azenta sample lifecycle management COVD platform is more than just a LIMS; this platform offers end-to-end sample testing management from workflow to data handling. Our software is rapidly deployed and integrated with COVID-19 laboratory instruments and incorporated into most daily laboratory practices. We utilize pre-configured COVID-19 workflows to make it easier and faster to implement and process batches of COVID samples. By distributing test results directly to patients, physicians and state/country health departments, you can increase accuracy, improve client satisfaction and reduce turnaround time of PCR and antibody testing.

  • Existing COVID Workflow

    This provides diagnostics laboratories with a streamlined way to process COVID test samples, with support for a wide variety of assay types.

  • Reliable Integration

    Instruments, billing, and EHR systems are integrated into a single system, reducing the turnaround time for ordering, processing, releasing, and billing of tests and samples.

  • Comprehensive Report Delivery

    Results reports are delivered through the Client Portal (online), e-mail, fax, and SMS, ensuring the fastest turnaround and client satisfaction.​

  • Optimized for Your Lab

    Our COVID software solution serves as the critical operational system for COVID-19 sample processing at dozens of COVID toxicology, chemistry, NGS, molecular diagnostics, and other clinical laboratories.​

Key Features
  • Deploys instantly in the cloud​
  • Integrates with COVID-19 lab instruments​
  • Integrates with mobile apps, electronic health records (EHRs), APIs, and facility/physician portals
  • Utilizes a pre-configured COVID-19 workflow using custom patient, requisition and test importers
  • Allows for comprehensive testing strategies
  • Distributes COVID test results and reports to patient, physicians, state and country health departments instantly and accurately​​
Flexible Deployment Options
  • Options available for all lab sizes, large or small
  • Choose between pre-configured features for fast deployment or customized solutions for your unique needs​
  • Handles a wide variety of samples – “Any sample. Anytime. Anywhere”
  • Fast deployment using cloud-based structure