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Cryogenic storage is critical to maintain chain of identity and condition for cell-based materials used in wide range of research applications.

What’s more – the explosion of research that requires precise cryogenic storage is putting pressure on personnel and cryogenic workflows.

Enter Azenta Life Sciences.

  • Automated solutions like the BioStore III makes cryogenic sample management easy
  • Systems are purpose-built to handle a wide array of vials, cryoboxes
  • Cryopod and Filling Station solve time and temperature gaps during intra-lab or intra-campus cryogenic transport

Call on us to exceed your cryogenic storage goals. We’ll help you plan a scalable cryogenic infrastructure that also strengthens your quality and documentation processes.

BioStore III product line provides the best in class automated storage solution for a wide range of applications. The systems combine the greatest sample protection and most comprehensive inventory management with a superior user experience. The graphical user interface is intuitive, helping users manage inventory, track order history and document temperature.

Azenta Life Sciences offers a wide range of BioStore III products to support your collection needs. The Automation Ready freezers are perfect for those collections just starting out but will need cryogenic automation in the future. BioStore III Cryo comes in two sizes and supports a wide range of labware in cryoboxes, or SBS racks. BioStore IIIv is the system of choice for LN2 based storage collections and includes a single, user defined temperature set point between -20°C and -150°C.

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