Acoustic Sample Tube - Echo® Qualified Consumable

The Acoustic tube allows researchers to combine the benefits of Azenta Life Sciences 2D coded tubes and the Echo® Liquid Handler, providing the drug discovery process with the robust assay data quality and an increase in compound consumption efficiency when compared with current, conventional methods.


Acoustic dispense direct from the tube. Assay robustness based on a higher sample integrity. Compound saving vs. conventional storage methods. Faster turnaround time from request for compound to compound ready for assay.

Established benefits of 2D Coded Tubes vs. Plates which have to be fully thawed and unsealed to access one sample. Combined technologies of 2D Coded Tubes and Acoustic Transfer.

Key Features
  • Acoustic Dispense Direct from Tube
    • Echo® Qualified Consumable
  • Secure Sample Storage & Tracking
    • Unique and permanent 2D4 Quad Code laser-etched on tube base
    • Barcode ensures a permanent link between sample and data
    • Azenta Life Sciences 2D barcodes can be scanned and decoded without removing tubes from storage racks, enabling data to be associated with individual tubes
    • Azenta Life Sciences tubes have been leak tested to ensure sample security
  • Capping Options

    Screw caps

    • Non-silicone seal means the cap can never be overtightened
    • Double-start thread engages in a maximum rotation of 180°, facilitating automation
Parameter Acoustic Sample Tube - Echo® Qualified Consumable
Max. working volume 70μl @5mm
Dead volume approx. 15μl (with DMSO)
Total volume 85μl
Tube height 13.4mm
Tube height with cap 14.7mm
Outer diameter 7.9mm
Rack option SBS format 96-way rack
Overall rack height (including lid) 22.1mm
Capping option internal thread
Coding 2D4 quad code on base
Ordering Information

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