Our diverse range of clinical and discovery bioprocessing services ensures the value of your samples stays constant throughout their lifecycle.

Following globally consistent protocols and industry best practices, Azenta Life Sciences helps research teams transform samples into renewable resources for future research.

Sample Preparation and Lab Services
  • Blood Preparation Blood fractionation and PBMC isolations within 24 hours of collection
  • Sample Aliquoting Volumetric and normalized biomaterial aliquoting, storage, and distribution
  • Nucleic Acid Extraction Services DNA, RNA, and miRNA extraction from tissue, cells, and cell-free sources
  • Analytical and Functional QC SNP-trace for DNA fingerprinting
  • Genetic and Genomic Analytical Services Gene expression profiling, genotyping, next-generation sequencing
  • Tissue and Pathology Services Slide preparation and preservation, H&E and frozen section analysis, IHC and special stain analysis, macrodissection, whole slide imaging, diagnosis conformation, and pathology reports
  • Cell Culture and Stem Cell Services Cell line establishment and processing, tissue biopsies, lymphoblastoid cell line creation, stem cell line derivation and processing
  • BioInformatics and Analytical Services Experimental design consultation, production of common genetic maps, resolution of linkages or genotyping discrepancies, DNA identity fingerprinting, customizable data formatting
Key Features
  • Diverse Processing Capabilities A global network of laboratories processes blood, biofluids, and tissue with a comprehensive portfolio of cell culture, stem cell, genomic, and bioinformatics services.
  • Constant Compliance Tracking Our constant tracking of parent/stock sample and child/aliquot relationships via an industry-leading, uneditable, 21 CFR-compliant database ensures quality control and efficient utilization of samples.
  • Guaranteed 24-Hour Retrieval Turnaround Samples are retrieved, prepared, and shipped within 24 hours of receiving a request.
  • Business Continuity Purpose-built redundancies for risk management and fail-safe protocols in place to ensure the highest sample integrity in the event of power disruption or other disasters.