Automated Sample Storage: Ambient to -190 °C


The evolution of automated storage has taken us from ambient temperature to -190 °C over the past 20 years. Azenta Life Sciences deep application experience and proven technologies have helped protect sample integrity while adding precise inventory accuracy and documentation.

From compound management in high-throughput screening applications, to human biological sample inventory management, Azenta Life Sciences has developed a range of solutions across all temperatures. Our industry leading automated storage systems are flexible and modular while providing secure and accurate inventory control, optimizing customer workflows and improving sample throughput. As the preferred storage partner to the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Azenta Life Sciences delivers systems which support the highest quality inventory management while reducing variability and risk.

Azenta Life Sciences manufactures and supports a wide range of automated systems to meet your specific application needs. Automated systems transform workflows while maximizing productivity. Find your ideal automated system today!

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