Strata™ Sample Management Software Upgrades

Our upgrade options and enhancement packages for Strata Sample Management Software enable customers advanced management of biosamples and compounds within a SampleStore™ or BioStore™ automated storage system. These options are available to both new and existing customers, as an enhancement or upgrade to core Strata. The current options are:

  • Strata Core Version Upgrade
  • Throughput and workflow enhancement
  • Advanced storage management
  • Storage optimization
  • BioStore sample management

Strata software is the high-performance engine that drives the sample management process in Azenta Life Sciences' SampleStore and BioStore automated storage systems. Benefit from an updated iteration of Strata Core Software with an upgrade to an advanced release. Our enhancement packages are available whether you are purchasing a new store or determining your next Service level with us, click 'Contact an Expert' to learn more.

Existing customers: enhancement packages can ensure you get the extended benefit from your current Brooks Life Sciences automated store. New customers: enhancement packages can be included in the build of your new automated storage system.

Learn more about the features and benefits of the Strata™ Sample Management Software.

Key Features
  • Benefits
    • Improve your workflows
    • Access to the latest enhanced Strata features
    • Straightforward to enable
    • Low cost with high value return
    • Works in conjunction with latest version of Strata
Package Options
Package Features
Strata Core Software – Latest Version Upgrading to an advanced version of Strata to benefit from updates with new software release
EP1: Throughput and Workflow Enhancement
Single order throughput predictor
Array picking optimization
Store load vs. remove bias switch
Single order picker spanning
Direct load (loading tray without imager)
Load & go
Combining LIMS orders selected by user
LIMS labware trash
EP2: Advanced Storage Management
Advanced time scheduling
Advanced physical area selection
EP3: Storage Optimization
Physical tenancy - Advanced
User / order partitioning
EP4: BioStore Sample Management
Staged storage loader, to prevent warm tray impacting a tray stored above
Sample stabilization during reformatting / output