SampleStore™ SE+

The SampleStore™ SE+ is a range of space efficient automated sample storage systems for temperatures from ambient to -20ºC. The systems have been designed to fit in today’s standard laboratory. SampleStore SE+ systems store a range of container types and sizes and provide compact, flexible, high density sample storage

  • Brooks small footprint store
  • Assured sample integrity and protection
  • Fast, controlled, reliable access to samples
  • Based on 20 years of automated storage innovation
  • SampleStore SE+ solutions could be the first step in simplifying your lab sample inventory and sample management.
  • The SampleStore SE+ is the ideal solution for labs which have smaller sample library collections but need the benefits of automation like easier, faster and more reliable access to high-quality samples
  • The SampleStore SE+ captures sample barcode data upon input to automatically update the inventory and assign a storage location
Key Features
Space efficiency and storage capacity

Easier Sample Storage and Greater Space Efficiency

  • SampleStore SE+ are space efficient solutions to fit in standard labs
  • Simple intuitive design for easy system operation

Simple Sample Management

  • Push button sample storage and retrieval

Sample Protection

  • Automated handling for minimized sample temperature cycling
  • Remote monitoring and product support

Labware Support

  • 96-way Tube, AcoustiX™ Tube, Vial, Plate, and REMP© Selectors to support your Labware needs

Automation Interface

  • Improve workflow and efficiency with direct workcell integration
Ease of use and sample security
  • Secure and controlled user access
  • Optimum storage conditions
  • Intuitive user interface, no special expertise required to operate
  • Configured with input/output, imaging, and picking module, optimized to meet your needs
Intuitive, easy to use, fully featured Strata™ Sample Management Software

Easy to use interface

  • Intuitive, information-rich display permits operation with no special training
  • Customizable to optimize everyday usage, and support application-specific workflows

High performance and reliability

  • Provides full order control including drag-and-drop order prioritization
  • Optimizes throughput through more efficient batch workflows and order decomposition

Seamless IT integration

  • Flexible deployment options include active directory integration and encrypted system access passwords
  • LIMS options include Web services API, database, and file-based integration
  • Accessibility is highly configurable with definable user roles

Sample security and remote access

  • Lifetime inventory and environmental tracking enabling sample chain of custody and audit trail reports
  • Data is accessible from any location using laptop, tablet, or web-enabled devices

System data logging and automation interface

  • Performance tracking assures reliability and enables remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Enables easy integration with external automation for fully integrated end-to-end processing solutions

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Technical specifications
& Model
Length Width Height
SE 2.48m
[14ft 2"]
[7ft 10"]
SE+1 2.48m
[8ft 2"]
[17ft 9"]
[7ft 10"]
SE+2 2.48m
[8ft 2"]
[21ft 8"]
[7ft 10"]
SE+3 2.48m
[8ft 2"]
[24ft 12"]
[7ft 10"]
Labware Description SampleStore SE SampleStore SE+1 SampleStore SE+2 SampleStore SE+3
FluidX 2.0ml 105,000 157,500 210,000 262,500
FluidX 1.0ml 295,000 442,500 590,000 737,500
FluidX 0.7ml 355,000 532,500 710,000 887,500
FluidX 0.2ml 600,000 900,000 1,200,000 1,500,000
FluidX AcoustiX™ Tube 740,000 1,110,000 1,480,000 1,850,000
REMP© Single Use Microtube Foil Sealed 1,720,000 2,580,500 3,440,000 4,300,000
SBS Microplate, 14.5mm High, Foil Sealed 4,500 6,750 9,000 11,250
Support Plans

With the protection of samples within your Brooks Life Sciences automated sample store of the highest importance, our Support Plans can help, whatever your needs.


  • Corrective services
  • Remote diagnostic & repair
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Additional services for purchase

Enhancement packages for Strata™ Sample Management Software for both new and existing customers, offering advanced bio-sample and compound management with SampleStore™ and BioStore™ automated storage systems.

  • Throughput and workflow enhancement
  • Advanced storage management
  • Storage optimization
  • BioStore™ sample management
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