LimitLIS is a modern, affordable, and cloud-based Laboratory Information System (LIS). It is a complete solution for your laboratories if you are looking to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.


LimitLIS is a pre-configurated Limfinity solution that can quickly power-up laboratories with secure software for sample tracking and data management. These out-of-the-box configurations allow public and private organizations to quickly establish testing capabilities and more around the globe.

Why Choose LimitLIS?
  • Rapid Deployment: Get up and running quickly with a pre-configured solution. Unlike other LIS solutions, LimitLIS deploys in weeks, not months
  • Reliable Integration: Instruments, billing, and EHR systems are integrated into a single system, decreasing the turnaround time for ordering, processing, releasing, and billing of tests and samples.
  • Comprehensive Report Delivery: Results reports are delivered through the online client portal, e-mail, fax, and SMS, and in various formats, ensuring the fastest turnaround and client satisfaction.
  • Optimized for Your Lab: LimitLIS serves as the critical operations system for dozens of toxicology, chemistry, molecular diagnostics, and other clinical laboratories.
LimitLIS Features
  • Cloud-based Laboratory Information System  
  • Easy to configure
  • Rapid deployment
  • Simple reporting
  • LimitLIS contains pre-existing workflows
  • Enables fast batch processing
  • Integrates well with current labware