Pharmaceutical breakthroughs happen when researchers have proven sample management processes and logistics networks to support them. We master these details for research teams, so they can focus on their work.

  • Offsite Sample Management: Our biorepositories in North America, Germany, China, and Singapore are purpose-built to keep samples secure – even during natural disasters and power outages.

  • Onsite Sample Management: If you want to keep samples and serums close to your work, we will implement our solutions and train your team.

  • Pre-Clinical and Collection Kit Project: Kits and packaging are preconditioned to maintain temperature for 72 hours and meet ISTA requirements.

  • Cold Chain Logistics and Sample Transportation: Keen understanding of the sample lifecycle outlines our approach to moving samples between labs.

  • Sample Prep and Lab Analytics: We can perform sample preparation like aliquoting or DNA, RNA, and PMBC processing before sending research samples to your door.

  • Sample Information Technology Solutions: A suite of sample management software solutions provides a centralized, reliable source of 24/7 information access to researchers and scientists.

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: We handle business continuity like it was our own and regularly team with labs to assess and improve disaster response plans.

  • Quality Management: Our full-time quality assurance team monitors changes in regulations and requirements specific to the pharma industry to ensure clients remain in compliance.