You can trust Azenta Life Sciences to manage your samples from collection to storage. By joining with GENEWIZ, we now offer a complete sample management solution to support your clinical trials.

Our peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) isolation service ensures rapid isolation of immune cells from whole blood or buffy coat while maintaining robust QC standards. Isolated PBMCs are frozen and stored using alcohol-free, controlled-rate freezing that results in high yield/high viability samples for downstream analysis. GENEWIZ’s next generation and Sanger-based sequencing solutions offer several workflows to analyze your PBMCs.

PBMC Isolations Workflow

Service Highlights
  • Trademarked alcohol-free CoolCellTM controlled-rate freezing
  • Sample storage in advanced vapor-phase freezing technology
  • Automated cell counting and viability check
  • Proficiency-tested methodology
  • Unified SOPs ensure consistent sample integrity and quality across all processing sites
  • Sample processing within 24 hours of receipt
  • Processing sites in North America and Europe
Customization Options


Sample Collection Kits


Sample Collection

Kits to suit your
requirements, compatible with our downstream
processing workflows


Specific Blood Cell Type Isolation


Specific Blood Cell Type Isolation

Granulocyte depletion,
T/B cell enrichment
(bead-based) options



Aliquoting/Freezing Options


Aliquoting/Freezing Options

Customized cell storage
media(+/- serum) as well
as aliquot size
(volume/cell numbers)


Serum Separation



Pooling sample and
serum separation tubes
upon request

Downstream Processing


Single Cell Sequencing


Single Cell

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Sanger Based Sequencing


Sanger Based

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NGS Immuno-profiling



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DNA/RNA Extractions



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Key Features
  • Complete life cycle management from sample collection to storage
  • Constant compliance tracking of parent/stock sample and child/aliquot relationships via an industry-leading 21 CFR-compliant database
  • Total sample integrity with purpose-built redundancies for risk mitigation and fail-safe protocols

    Sample Management