Our Product




Limfinity merges the science of information with the excellence of engineering information systems to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use solution, yet powerful enough to provide the structural and computational strength needed for today’s data.


Our Two Solutions


Brooks Informatics quickly powers Laboratories with one of two robust, secure software products allowing public and private organizations to quickly establish testing capabilities around the globe.






Limfinity® is a secure, easily configured and compliant cloud-based sample data management software solution that provides a comprehensive framework for flexible enterprise applications with powerful built-in features. These features include a form builder, robust workflow engine, role-based security, fully compliant audit trails, freezer utilization, box/plate mapping, and much more.





• Allows building any life science workflows easily step-by-step, starting by creating distinct states of workflow and then add the required actions.
• Use keywords to search for data or query-save common searches. Reports can be generated to export data quickly to CSV files or customized to develop PDF or formatted charts.
• With a built-in calendar, it schedules, tracks, or reminds you about deadlines or important events for any laboratory process.
• It allows users to import/export files or any data easily to CSV file format to transfer to other applications quickly.
Other: Label Printing (customized text, barcode, data, etc., as needed). Role-based security (allow the user to set permission as per their need for data objects, workflows, tools, and more).





  Why Limfinity


• It is a flexible solution to apply to various areas and expand to an infinite number of prospects
• Limfinity is used for multiple products, and we are sure that it will be adapted to fit your particular requirements
• This powerful solution is designed to fit into your existing processes seamlessly
• Limfinity Vaccine Solution is a regulatory compliant, cloud-based solution that has enabled laboratories of all sizes to utilize the most advanced technologies and workflow management practices for automation
• Laboratory instrumentation already in place at a lab site integrates flawlessly with Brooks’ software solutions






LimitLIS is a modern, affordable, and cloud-based Laboratory Information System (LIS). It is a complete solution for your laboratories if you are looking to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

LimitLIS is a pre-configurated Limfinity solution that can quickly power-up laboratories with secure software for sample tracking and data management. These out-of-the-box configurations allow public and private organizations to quickly establish testing capabilities and more around the globe.





Easy to Configure: Data Entry Screens, Billing, Instrument & EMR Integrations, Report Templates, Barcode Label Design and Printing, Requisition, and Questionnaire Forms.
Controlled Access/ Multiple User Roles: Patients, Pharmacist, Centralized Dashboards, Client, Physician, and more.
Business Tools: Quality Control, Patient Test Scheduling, Sample Management, Paperless E-Requisitions, and Result Delivery and Reporting.
Smart Add-Ons: CRM, NGS workflow, and multi-site communication (or deployment).


  Why LimitLIS Cloud


• It offers rapid deployment unlike other LIS Solutions
• Reports or results are delivered through online portals- SMS, email, fax, or various other formats.
• It provides reliable integration; instruments, billing, EMR/EHR systems are all integrated into one system, reducing turnout time for instruction, processing, releasing, and billing of samples and tests.

  Quick Deployment



• Deploys instantly in the cloud
• Integrates with COVID-19 instruments
• Integrates with Mobile Apps, Electronic Health Records, APIs, Facility and Physician Portals
• Utilizes a COVID-19 Workflow using custom Patient, Requisition and Test Importers
• Allows for creative testing strategies
• Distributes COVID test results and reports to patient, physicians and State Health Departments