The rapidly growing field of personal genetics is helping millions of people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome. This direct-to-consumer industry requires a model that utilizes smaller sample volumes with much faster processing times and targeted analytics. Azenta Life Sciences supports personal genetics companies with analysis, diagnostics, and consumer information. We manufacture sample collections kits, manage and process the samples, analyze the results, and manage the storage biobanks. Our efficient, high-throughput services are ideally suited for companies that want to scale up rapidly in consumer-based genetics.

Typical Pathway


Azenta Life Sciences Solutions

Pathway 1.jpg    Consumer Portal Integration

  • Direct to consumer kit fulfillment
  • Reporting/tracking of services
  • Collection transportation logistics (kit fulfillment and sample transport)
  • Consumer based training materials
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Pathway 2.jpg    Sample Collection

  • GCP Collection kit manufacturing (w/training materials)
  • GCP Sample sourcing
  • Collection transportation logistics (kit fulfillment and sample transport)
  • Site training
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Pathway 3.jpg    Sample Processing

  • Molecular, Cellular (CLIA)
  • Technology selection
  • Process development/validation (CLIA)
  • Integrated analytical and functional QC
  • Sample handling — regulatory compliant
  • Sample tracking — regulatory compliant
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Pathway 4.jpg    Data Generation

  • Analyses performed in CLIA environment
  • Targeted analyses
  • Technology assessment
  • Assay sensitivity/specificity determination
  • Assessment and Inclusion of controls
  • Sample intermediate tracking
  • Data tracking

Pathway 5.jpg    Data Analysis / Integration

  • Open source and proprietary pipelines
  • Integration with commercial reporting tools
  • Correlation with other sample data sources
  • Data formatting
  • Secure data transfer
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Pathway 6.jpg    Sample Storage

  • Validating proper storage environment
  • Regulatory compliant processes
  • Automated and manual
  • Choosing proper sample storage tubes/plates (sample tracking)
  • Choosing proper sample storage seals (i.e. caps, septum, etc„..)
  • Establishing sample QC metrics over time
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