Two Reasons to Keep Your Cold Storage Tidy (Especially Right Now)

Being organized in the lab during normal times creates efficiency. In THESE times, though, being organized generates needed productivity. Consider how the state of your cold storage can affect lab sustainability.

Cold sample storage

The outbreak of coronavirus across the globe has all but halted business and consumerism. At the same time – it has pushed scientists to accelerate their work in the race to discover treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 as worldwide cases approach a half million.

The clock continues to tick as people everywhere deal with the crushing effects of this disease. Scientists have no time to spare as they focus on current priorities.

Valuable for scientists

Giving scientists a clear path to quickly find needed samples is crucial. Besides saving time, organized freezers preserve laboratory space for science and drive workflow efficiencies.

Assessing and organizing freezer inventory and establishing best practices for keeping it that way can help scientists stay focused on their research.

Good for our world

What’s good for your lab (and the world) is the energy savings you get when you evaluate your current inventory of freezers and the samples they hold.

Consider that ULT freezers demand unbelievable amounts of energy compared to all lab equipment. At first, these -70°C to -80°C freezers use up to 22 kilowatt hours a day. As the freezers age, usage can shoot up to over 30 kWh a day. Sounds reasonable enough – but this amount runs in excess of energy use in the average American home. 

What if your lab has several freezers that are energy inefficient? The costs of running them can be staggering. Consolidating and organizing samples into a few freezers instead of multiple units will reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint. Even minimal improvements in efficiency can create major energy savings. 

Sign up for our COLD STORAGE WEBINAR on April 2, 2020 to learn more about how you can reduce energy use and maximize space in your cold storage. The efficiencies you gain will help turn your scientists’ focus from searching for samples back to life enhancing research. And save you time, money, and energy!