On your mark, get set – GO GREEN in your lab!

Sustainability is the name of the game. It’s everywhere, of course. But it’s becoming even more prevalent in research facilities. This is because laboratories consume most of the utilities. In response, a green movement has begun across the country to minimize the environmental footprint in research spaces and promote lab sustainability.

GO GREEN for Sustainable Lab

Lab sustainability: Look at your COLD STORAGE

Some facilities are taking on dramatic projects to go green and support sustainability. However, making calculated changes both big and small can have a huge impact on laboratories and help save bundles of energy, time, and space.

For starters, look at your cold storage.

Since ultra-low temperature freezers require about as much energy as the average household (and more as they age), it’s a good idea to follow best practices when evaluating your cold storage.


Specific measures include defrosting freezers, optimizing storage configurations, reducing the number of units in operation, discarding outdated material, and storing certain samples at room temperature whenever possible.

Cold-storage assessment from Brooks

Brooks Life Sciences took notice of this honorable idea and began to work in tandem with lab sustainability and best practices in cold storage.

Our team of sample management experts will perform an onsite assessment of your laboratory or facility. We will evaluate the current state of your material management practices for clinical and lab-derived samples as well as material that requires controlled storage conditions.

During the assessment, we will confirm the current state of your cold-storage and develop a summary of custom recommendations on how to best address the current and future state of your facility.

Observations generally translate to cost savings, a reduction in energy usage, and opportunities for additional headcount, laboratory space, and cold storage for your researchers.

On average, our recommendations lead to a 40-80% storage footprint reduction and a significant decrease in energy usage. It’s a complimentary way for you to GO GREEN in your lab and save money for other research goals.

Reach out to us to schedule your COLD-STORAGE ASSESSMENT today!