What is the current state of your research facility? (And what can it be for the future?)

What does your cold-storage inventory look like right now?

Is it organized? Are samples easy to find and access? Does it make the most of space? Is it energy efficient? Is it “green?”

Cold-storage Zen

If you answered NO to any of these, you might need to assess your current inventory.

Cold-storage: Going from now to wow!

The current state of most research facilities is something like this:

  • Inventory is not easily accessible.
  • Researchers waste time looking through freezers.
  • Ultra-low cold-storage units line the hallways.
  • Contents are virtually unknown.
  • Inefficient use of space.
  • Information is inconsistent.
  • Storage units are in poor condition.
  • Limited space in labs for additional benches or equipment needed to perform research.

Enter Brooks Life Sciences. Our team with a combined 50 years of experience in cold-storage precision and inventory management procedures can evaluate your current situation and help make the future state of your research facility more Zenlike.

No matter if you store critical samples for pharmaceutical, clinical, or biological applications, we will assess your current cold-storage infrastructure and develop a long-term strategy to increase storage efficiencies and productivity.

Besides reducing the number of freezers, you have and the space they consume – our one-day, onsite assessment will help evaluate current inventory management practices. We will also share ideas for how you can cut energy usage, operating costs, and capital expenditures.

By the end of our assessment, you will know how inventory consolidation and reconciliation can help you measure your true inventory. The future state of your facility will be green, organized, and efficient – with researchers who have visibility to samples through a finely tuned inventory management system.

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