Let your imagination run wild with our “Your Choice™” gift sets. From the products listed below, create a Gift Set of  “Your Choice™” products. The gift set will include the following:

  • Incense Burner
  • 12 Hour Bag of Incense Powder
  • 1/4 oz Bottle of Fragrance Oil (Powder and Oil the same type)
  • Air Freshener (General – Heavenly Airs – Zodiacs)

You Create… We Assemble

Examples of Gift Sets

Sweet Heart  –  Rose Incense Powder, Heart Incense Burner, Rose Oil,  Teddy Bear Air Freshener
Celestial  – Lavender Incense Powder, Star Incense Burner,  Lavender Oil, Zodiac Air Freshener
Christmas  – Christmas Pine Incense Powder, Christmas Tree Burner, Christmas Pine Oil, Santa Air Freshener
Forever Forest  – Forest Greens Incense Powder, Butterfly Incense Burner, Forest Green Oil, Beagle Air Freshener

Your Choice Gift Set

Burners – Small Gift Set

  • 1 Hour Spiral
  • 2 Hour Spiral
  • Teddy Bear
  • Apple
  • Christmas Tree
  • Pine Tree
  • Angel
  • Butterfly
  • Triangle
  • Heart
  • Star

Burners – Medium Gift Set

  • 3 Hour Spiral
  • Egyptian Eye
  • Ankh Cross
  • Botonee Cross
  • Sweet Angel
  • Spring Butterfly
  • Dragon
  • Jolly Roger
  • Grim Reaper
  • Pentacle

For the powder, oil and air freshener you can choose any that are available.