Loading Incense Powder

Step 1 – Load Burner With Incense Powder

Place burner in the center of shipping box or on a smooth protected surface such as a piece of paper. Pour an ample amount of powder into center of the burner.

Level Incense Powder
Step 2 – Level Incense Powder
Moving the tamp in a circular motion, starting in the center and working outward, gently fill the grooves of the burner with the incense powder. DO NOT PACK the powder. Let the powder fall naturally into the grooves. Pour the excess powder back into the bag.
Lighting Incense Powder
Step 3 – Light The Incense Powder
Using a blunt ended item such as the end of the ash removal brush or a match, lift up a very small amount of the powder to form a mound (wick). Light the mound of powder with a match or lighter. The powder will continue to burn.
Stopping Incense Powder Burn
Step 4 – Stopping The Incense Powder From Burning
A unique feature of the incense powder is the capability of starting and stopping the burn.  To stop the burning of the powder, make a separation in the powder just in front of the burn. The powder should stop at this point. To restart, refer back to Step 3.
Step 5 – Cleaning The Ashes From The Burner
To remove the ashes, use EXTREME CAUTION to make sure there is no powder burning.  Allow 10-20 minutes (minimum) for the ashes to cool prior to brushing them out. Use the small brush to remove all the ashes and residue from the burner. The sink is an excellent place to clean the burner. It should eliminate the possibility of fire and the mess can be flushed down the drain.  Do NOT hit/tap the burner against the edge of container you are emptying the ashes into and do not get the burner wet.