Our Bamboo stick GridStone® burners are one of the most unique on the market today. Forget about the thickness of the stick and whether it will fit in the tiny hole. Our burners will accept sticks as thin as a toothpick to as thick as a pencil. Simply place the stick under the adjustment tab and determine the angle at which you want to have the stick burn at.

No need to worry about ashes falling all over the surface where the burner is sitting. All you need to do is adjust the stick to a level position and the burner will catch the ashes. The Grid of the burner allows for proper burning of the stick.

Incense Stick Burner Tab

Stick Installation
Slide the bamboo incense stick under the adjustment tab and align stick with groove for proper alignment. Slide the adjustment tab in and out to obtain the angle at which you would like to have the stick burn.
For a safer burn of the stick, adjust the tab to where there is a very small gap between the stick and the grids. This will allow for the burner to catch the ashes. If you have a large angle for the stick there may be a chance that the burner will not catch the ashes.

The GridStone® burners are fireproof.

Incense Stick Burners