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Azenta - 518 Hodge Street - Newport, KY  41071-1531
tele (859) 581-9407  toll free (800) 622-6752  or (888) go-ferra (463-3772)  fax (888) 270-3872
Sweet Rock®, FerraStone®, Azenta®, GridStone® and Burner Havens® are all registered names with the US Trademark/Patent Office
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Headquartered in Newport, Kentucky, Azenta® is a division of Rolf Stone Inc. which was incorporated in 1976.  Although not under the current company names, we have been in the same location since 1895.  Our history includes all types of stone products and giftwares.  We are currently in our 4th generation of ownership.

Founded in 1995 to provide merchandise to permanent retail store, Azenta® has revolutionized the way people burn incense.  The incense powder is by far the most recognizable powder on the market today. In 2004, Azenta introduced incense logs and GridStone® burners.

Today, we have thousands of customers enjoying our scented products.

Besides Azenta, Rolf Stone has two other divisions, FerraStone® and Sweet Rock® Products. Creative artesians have created a vast variety of statuary that comprises the FerraStone product line.  The Sweet Rock product line is equivalent to the Azenta line but it is designed for the speciality venues such as flea markets, swap meets, fairs etc.

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Philip E. Rolf